Thoughts on Falling off the Banting Wagon

Ever felt like going to the bakery and buying everything that even looks like a carb? This is something every person on a Low Carb/High Fat must have experienced. We are, after all, sugar and carb addicts. Our taste buds have been trained since childhood to crave sugar. Evil food scientists have been concocting toxic mixtures that feed our addiction. We have been conditioned to believe that food comforts us. Having problems? A large box of chocolate and the world is a better place! Something has to change. Our relationship with food has to change.

Let me first tell you how I perceive Banting and Paleo. With Banting the message was always “Do Banting and lose weight”. Paleo is about eating real food, regaining your health and as a bonus you will lose weight. Banting is focussed on ketosis, and it is not often mentioned with Paleo. Both Banting and Paleo advocates not eating grains, starches, legumes and sugar. Paleo allows some sweeteners like maple syrup, honey and rice malt syrup from time to time. Banting being more obsessed with carbs often leads to Banters using sweeteners like Xylitol. Who is right? I think balance is key.

The other issue is if we should be in a perpetual state of Ketosis? I believe our ancestors probably spent time in and out of Ketosis as availability of foods fluctuated. I do not believe we need to be in Ketosis all the time to reap the health benefits.

Sticking to a low carb diet can be challenging. More so when you try to do it without support. Our whole household is on a Low Carb/High Fat diet. I would describe our household  as Paleo, and my wife and I are Banters when we have specific goals. But I actually use the terms interchangeably. Here in Australia I like to use the term Banting as Paleo is often mocked.

So we stick to this lifestyle by eating real food made from scratch. We do make decadent sweet treats with natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey on special occasions only. Our kids do not need to be in Ketosis, and some more natural sweet treats and fruit makes it more bearable for them. They are after all in school and have friends eating trash all the time. I do educate them and they are beginning to understand.

So for us adults the same applies. I was in Ketosis the last time about 6 months ago. I lost 10kg. For the last 6 months we have still maintained our Paleo style diet. I have had sweet “Paleo” treats when I needed to. I have not lost or gained weight. Now I want to lose 15kg and am now in Ketosis and the weight is falling off.

So my tips on not falling off the Low Carb Wagon…

It is OK to have some natural sweeteners when you really have to. Buying rubbish will only make you feel guilty and like a failure. Remember sweet treat recipes sell books, and get shared on Facebook. Do not overdo it.

Try not to try and recreate the rubbish foods you used to eat. Low carb/healthier options are often disappointing. (I do however make a great healthy pizza)

Do the best you can. Organic and grass fed etc. is not always available, and often insanely expensive. Just do your best with what you have and can afford.

Realise that the food you used to eat is in fact not food. I am indoctrinating myself to see processed food as toxic poison. I do not crave toxic poison.

If you do cheat, just laugh at it and get back on the wagon. I had a Caramel Ice cream and Banana Chips driving home this Christmas and ended up vomiting multiple times that evening as I am no longer used to the sugar. My body actually does know best.

Read up on some of the science. Know that how we eat is actually scientific, and the old guidelines are only to make corporations profit.

Accept responsibility for your own health and life. Say it out loud. Do not let anyone dictate to you. Doctors are not gods. They are sometimes more ignorant that the rest of us.

Know that you are doing this for your future and for your children’s future. The human race is in serious trouble. Do not become one of the statistics.

This lifestyle needs not be a curse. The food available is and can be amazing. Enjoy it, and be proud that you are choosing a better life.

Please comment below. Have you fallen off the wagon? How do you keep from falling off?

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I am a stay at home dad who keeps my young family healthy by eating a low carbohydrate diet, and avoiding toxic chemicals added to our personal care products, washing detergents and water. I also have an interest in medicinal herbs and have manufactured herbal products professionally. I currently manufacture my own range of non toxic personal care products. I am passionate about health and wellness, and I have set up this blog to share my knowledge with other families.

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