Food Lists

The focus of these food lists are family. Often you will find LC/HF information and it is just about weight loss and what it can do for the health of the individual. Paleo websites and courses are focused on family, but the needs of the individual is forgotten. Ketosis is not mentioned and there is a lack of knowledge. Please note that you need to do what works for you and your family. Please do not blindly follow anyone. Do your homework. Knowledge is power. It is upsetting when people start accusing others that something is not Banting or Paleo, and they do not actually know why. They read it on a list somewhere. On my lists you will find dairy. This is normally allowed in Banting and LC/HF and not in Paleo groups. There are alternatives to dairy, so please decide for yourself. If you decide against dairy then use the alternatives.

  The "always food" list consists of foods with less that 5% carbohydrate content. This should be real food made from scratch, and preferably be organic, and grass fed animals or wild caught fish etc. Important to remember that you just do the best you can. Butchers often charge insane prices for grass fed meat. If you can't afford it then just buy what you can afford. The whole family should be eating from this list, and meals should mainly consist of foods on the Always List. Unlike the Banting lists I have removed Sweeteners from this list. Most people have some form of sugar and carb addiction and I feel that feeding that addiction with substances like Xylitol is not helpful. So I have Sweeteners in my Sometimes Food List.

The "Sometimes Food" list is all those foods that are higher in carbohydrates, and may also be harmful in large quantities. Most "Sometimes Foods" list items can be eaten without worry by kids, and those who are happy with their weight and health. A good example of this is sweet potato. If you are wanting to lose weight and you are in ketosis then eating Sweet Pototo will normally kick you out of Ketosis and will halt your weight loss. So while sweet potato is healthy, it is not great for weight loss and Ketosis. Foods like sweeteners are acceptable in smaller quantities, but should not be eaten regularly or in large quantities by anyone. Once again be mindful what sweeteners you are using when trying to lose weight. Natural and "healthier" sugars like honey is after all still sugar. Some sweeteners are very simply bad for you and should be avoided completely.

Now I come to the "Never List". This is the rubbish, the processed, and the downright toxic. This is why chronic disease is out of control today. The foods on this list are also often addictive, and our medical community often tells us these foods are good for us as they receive large sums of money from food and pharmaceutical corporations in exchange for promoting their products. Some foods on this list also consist of grey areas. Legumes eaten in moderation is not necessarily a problem. Others like wheat, table sugar and Aspartame should in my opinion never be eaten. Do your homework and make an informed decision.