Why Use Herbal Remedies?

The question to ask is why not? Herbal remedies work, and they have a remarkable safety record. Mainstream media and the pharmaceutical corporations have this crusade against natural remedies and vitamins and mineral supplements. We are indoctrinated that they do not work, and that they may be dangerous. It is becoming harder and harder for companies manufacturing herbal remedies, as regulations are almost impossible to comply with. The sick joke is that pharmaceutical drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. Over prescription of antibiotics are leading to super, drug resistant bacteria that will soon cause a massive loss of life. The other issue is that pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. Even over the counter pills have side effects. I am also the first to admit that there is a time and place for some pharmaceutical drugs.

So experience has shown me that herbal remedied do work. They are extremely safe. There are however herbs that should not be taken with some pharmaceutical drugs, and also those that are not to be taken when pregnant or breast feeding.

In the next few pages I will show you how to prepare and administer herbal remedies.