What Is Ketosis and Ketoacidocis?

Many who are on a low carbohydrate diet aim to be in a state of Ketosis. This metabolic state is known as nutritional Ketosis. When we eat very little carbohydrates our body runs out of fuel(glucose). Then we enter a state of Ketosis where our liver produces Ketone bodies and we begin burning fat for fuel. There is nothing dangerous about this, and it is a perfectly natural state to be in. In fact it is really good for us, and there are many health benefits to being in Ketosis.

Nutritional Ketosis, as described above is NOT Ketoacidocis. It has nothing to do with Ketoacidocis.

Ketoacidocis is something that happens to people who do not produce insulin. This is associated with Type 1 Diabetes. So if you eat carbohydrates and your body does not produce insulin, then your blood sugar rises, and you have no way to lower your blood sugar as you are a Type 1 Diabetic and you do not produce insulin. So you have fuel for your body(high blood sugar), but you cannot use it. So in effect you run out of fuel. Then your body produces Ketones. So in the end you have high blood sugar and extremely high levels of Ketones.(much higher than when in nutritional Ketosis) The whole system is out of whack and turns acidic. You now have Ketoacidocis and it is dangerous and life threatening. You will spend time in intensive care, and it is extremely dangerous. This has nothing to do with nutritional Ketosis, and only happens where people do not produce insulin and the person is untreated.

If a Medical doctor, nurse, dietician, nutritionist, or anyone else tells you that a low carb diet and Ketosis is dangerous, and tells you that you are going to get Ketoacidocis then,

A. They are ignorant, and should not have a qualification(if they have one)

B. They are lying. Possibly because it does not fit with the outdated dietary advice they have been giving. They are actually giving dietary advice that will worsen Diabetes, and also the health of anyone else.

C.  Possibly a combination of both A. and B.

I do not want to sound nasty, but the High Carbohydrate/Low Fat dietary advice given by our medical profession is manufactured corporate pseudo science. It is science that was produced to sell cheap processed foods with a long shelf life normally consisting of grains. It has nothing to do with health, rather it has everything to do with corporate profits.

So do not let these people scare you. Nutritional Ketosis is safe, and has huge benefits for your health.

Also be assured that Low carb/High fat diet science is robust and sound. If you look at the video and book sections of this website then you will see Medical Doctors, Professors, researchers etc. telling you how safe and amazing this diet is. You will also find that these highly educated professionals are all on a Low Carb/ High Fat diet. They are living it.